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A Man In The Philippines Has Been Drinking *Only* Soft Drinks For Over 20 Years

Here’s what his health is like now.

In the Philippines, an elderly man has exclusively consumed soft drinks for over 20 years.

He refuses to drink anything else—yes, including water. His addiction to carbonated beverages has become a daily routine, and he drinks a whopping 10 bottles a day.

LALAKI, MAHIGIT 20 TAON NANG PURO SOFT DRINKS LANG ANG INIINOM_! _ Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho 0-29 screenshot

He starts his mornings with a purchase from a vendor near his house, then he buys another at a store near his workplace, a gas station. This store actually started selling soft drinks solely because of him!

If there are no drinks available, he makes his own at home, mixing carbonated powder into water. Make no mistake, it isn’t a cheap hobby. He earns arounds PHP 400 a day (USD 7.15), and he spends half on soft drinks.

Aside from the financial toll, his family is increasingly concerned about his health. Their attempts to deter him from his soda-only diet have been met with resistance and frustration. Whenever they try to stop him from drinking it, he gets upset.

However, thanks to a local TV show, he finally had the opportunity to undergo a long-overdue medical checkup after two decades.

Unfortunately but perhaps not unexpectedly, he was diagnosed with diabetes. It prompted him to reflect on his addiction to soft drinks. He acknowledged that none of his past attempts to quit worked, but he now believes that his diagnosis will be the wake-up call that he needs.

Watch the full video below.



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