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A New K-Drama’s Bedroom Scene May Go Down As The Most Painfully Cringy In History

It’s painful to watch, honestly.

A scene from the new K-Drama Marry My Husband has gone viral for its awkward nature.

| tvN

Marry My Husband is based on the webtoon of the same name about a sick woman who discovers her husband is cheating on her with her best friend and is killed before waking up ten years in the past.

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Actress Park Min Young stars as the female lead, while Lee Yi Kyung plays her unfaithful husband.  Na In Woo plays a man interested in the main character, while Song Ha Yoon stars as her adulterous best friend.

(left to right) Na In Woo, Park Min Young, Park Min Young, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon. | tvN

Episode 1 ends with Park Min Young’s character, Ji Won, returning to the past and beginning to plan her revenge. Throughout episode 2, she attempts to right the wrongs of her past, starting with a work project.

However, the episode ends with her returning home, where her future husband, Min Hwan, is surprisingly in the shower. From there, one of the most painfully cringy “bedroom” scenes happens, with Min Hwan attempting to seduce Ji Won.

He eventually pins her to the bed, where his bad breath even more puts her off. While his seduction techniques may have worked before, Ji Won now knows the truth and reacts accordingly.

The scene ends with Min Hwan dropping his towel as Ji Won screams in horror.

The scene is meant to be humorous as her traitorous best friend will arrive at any moment, likely just as the awkward towel drop happened. This moment could also be seen as nonconsensual despite the comedy it intends to portray.

Marry My Husband is currently airing weekly on tvN in Korea and on Amazon Prime everywhere besides China.



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