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Absurdly Young Actress Cast As 28-Year-Old’s Mom In An Upcoming Series

The casting is already creating a buzz!

The popular Chinese web novel, The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus, is officially being adapted into a drama, Yong Ye Xing He (Eternal Night of Star River), and it recently earned attention for the show’s casting.

Cover art for “The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus” | 白羽摘雕弓

The web novel follows the main character, Ling Miaomiao, who finds herself transmitted into a storybook where she becomes the third romantic interest vying for the character Mu Sheng’s heart, who is the ruthless “Black Lotus Flower.”

Production for the drama is currently underway, and netizens are already excited about what promises to be an action-packed show.

| Tencent Video/YouTube

Main characters, Ling Miaomiao and Mu Sheng, will be played by actress and singer Yu Shu Xin (also known as Esther Yu) and actor Ding Yu Xi (also known as Ryan Xi), respectively.

Fans are already looking forward to the reunion of Yu Shu Xin and Ding Yu Xi, who also starred in the romantic drama together Moonlight (月光变奏曲) in 2021.

Yu Shu Xin (left) and Ding Yu Xi (right) in a promotional photo for “Moonlight (月光变奏曲)”

While the upcoming series continues to create a buzz, the casting of Mu Rong Er, the mother of character Mu Sheng, earned attention for the actress’s small age gap between herself and Mu Sheng actor Ding Yu Xi, who is 28 years old.

Gorgeous actress Gillian Chung was cast in the role of Ding Yu Xi, who is only 42 years old, a 14-year age difference for the mother-son casting.

Gillian Chung | @q_gill/Instagram

The drama is scheduled to be released this year, and netizens are already looking forward to the adaption.

| Tencent Video/YouTube

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the drama Yong Ye Xing He below!

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