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Aespa Can’t Help Feeling Confused Whenever They Meet Junior Groups

Aespa‘s Karina and Winter sat down for an interview on Ddeun Ddeun Editing Room. Among many topics, they reminisced on their trainee life eight years ago and talked about how young they still feel as a K-Pop group.

Regarding the latter, they remembered how it felt like to be rookie idols who were the youngest in the game. The groups that had already debuted seemed incredibly experienced in their eyes at the time.

When we first debuted, people in their 4th year seemed too much like seniors.


aespa | SM Entertainment

Now that aespa has been in the industry as long as the seniors they looked up to, they were surprised to note that they don’t feel as old as they expected.

But now that we are in our 4th year, we’re still the same as before. There are so many things that we still don’t know of!


Karina stated that it “feels so weird” to be the seniors in the industry for a change. They still feel like they should be the ones bowing and showing respect to the other groups.

We also have juniors now, right? It feels so weird. I feel like we still need to go around and introduce ourselves.

— Karina

Instead, the younger idols go to them.

Now we have juniors coming over to our waiting room.

— Karina

It was a big shock that they are the sunbaes in the industry. Aespa is so not used to it, in fact, that they often forget the typical protocol when juniors come to introduce themselves.

[When juniors arrive, we think] ‘Oh… So… We have to go out…?’ If they say, ‘No, we are coming in’ instead, [we rush each other] ‘Clean up, guys!’

— Karina

Check out the full video below to learn more about aespa!



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