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Aespa’s Giselle Has The Most Sassy Response To The Technical Difficulties She Had During SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Performances

While there were many iconic moments from the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Concerts, fans of aespa were particularly concerned about the issues Giselle faced during Seoul and Japan sets of concerts.

Giselle (center) with NCT’s Jeno (left) and Taeyong (right) during “ZOO” performance.

At SMTOWN LIVE in Seoul, while Giselle was performing “ZOO” alongside NCT‘s Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, and YangYang when her in-ear monitor suddenly stopped working. She later said that she could not hear anything besides her own voice and that was why she removed her earpiece. In-ears allow the artists to hear the track directly so they are able to sing and dance on beat.

Despite the time between the Seoul and Japan concerts, it seems like nothing was done to remedy the situation and even more issues arose.

The same thing happened, but this time she lost what appeared to be her mic pack causing Jeno to have to remove it from the stage to avoid any accidents occurring. The previous day,  Giselle and Hendery were both late to the chorus of the song after the lift they were on didn’t move when it was supposed to. Once she was in formation, it seemed like she was also suffering from issues with her outfit.

By the third night of concerts, the issues seemed to be fixed but many fans were left feeling understandingly apologetic towards Giselle who tried her best during the concerts. Fans praised her for her professionalism as well as the members of NCT for supporting her as they performed “ZOO”.

A fan was recently able to discuss the issues with Giselle during a video fan signing event. When the fan told her that she was proud of her and how well she performed, Giselle responded by saying thank you and “screw those technical difficulties!” with an adorable amount of sass.

It’s good to see that Giselle did not let the issues get her down! As SM Entertainment plans to take the SMTOWN concerts worldwide hopefully Giselle will not have any more issues and be able to perform without any stress.



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