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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Loves One Disney Movie So Much, She’s Watched It Over 50 Times

She probably has it all memorized now.

In case you did not know, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo loves movies!


She sat down for a short interview with Disney Plus where she talked about how much she adores their films, theme parks, and overall pop culture.

It’s like Disney has always been present around me. Even when I go on tour overseas, I visit Disney World and Disney stores.

— Jisoo

Lisa’s photo of Jisoo in Disneyland

No matter how many years have passed since she was a child, she will always hold animations close to her heart.

I enjoyed Disney movies ever since I was young. I watched a lot of Disney cartoons and even now, as an adult, I still watch it a lot.

— Jisoo

She has a very clear favorite when it comes to Disney moves. Out of their many iconic titles, Jisoo prefers Tangled.

I really like Disney cartoons, movies like Rapunzel [from Tangled], I’ve watched over 50 times.

— Jisoo

Tangled (2010) is an animated comedy that is loosely based on the fairytale Rapunzel. It follows the adventures of Rapunzel, a lost princess who leaves her secluded tower with the help of a wanted thief.

Jisoo isn’t the only one who loves movies like this. BLACKPINK as a whole used to watch Disney moves together during their free time, a precious memory in Jisoo’s eyes.

My members also really like Disney so we always sang their songs and braided our hair while playing. Those times feel like an old friend.

— Jisoo


The fact that BLACKPINK loves Disney will not come as a surprise to many BLINKs. Jennie‘s first ever YouTube video on her solo channel, after all, featured her singing along to Mandy Moore‘s “When Will My Life Begin,” one of the most famous songs from the Tangled animation.

Check out Jisoo’s full interview below.




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