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BoA Might Have Just Exposed Who Her Stray Kids Bias Is

K-Pop soloist BoA may have just given a huge hint as to who her favorite Stray Kids member is!

BoA | SM Entertainment

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

BoA recently made her comeback with her third mini album, Forgive Me. The powerful hip-hop dance track perfectly fits “dancing queen” BoA’s image!

In addition to performances, she has been very active on TikTok, sharing all sorts of videos with various other K-Pop stars, including two hilarious clips where she “attacked” SM Entertainment‘s Lee Soo Man and J.Y. Park.

She’s also shared funny videos with other idols like Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and aespa‘s Ningning

…in addition to dance challenges with male idols like SHINee‘s Key.


Forgive Him 🙏 #BoA #보아 #Forgive_Me #ForgiveMeChallenge #KEY #키 #SHINee #샤이니

♬ Forgive Me – BoA

In one of her latest videos, fans seem to think she has revealed who her bias in boy group Stray Kids is!

In a short clip, BoA can be seen posing and dancing to her track “Sketch” while using a filter. This filter superimposes a person’s face over the users’ and the image used was that of Stray Kids’ Seungmin!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin

The filter’s name is daredemokimseungmin and it’s not clear how BoA discovered it. Fans immediately began questioning what was happening and why Seungmin “was at the scene of the crime.”

| @bahngenius @haramiaa/TikTok

| @pupmin/TikTok

Other fans took this as a way of BoA sharing that he is her bias or that she’d like to collab with Seungmin and Stray Kids.

| @dprhao/TikTok

| @ponhyuuck/TikTok

| @lovxhyunie/TikTok

We personally would love two see these two amazing artists work together!

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Stray Kids



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