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BTS RM’s Drinking Habits And Attitude Towards Alcohol Showcases His True Personality

His habits also show why his apartment looks almost like a museum.

BTS‘s RM gave ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, a look into his daily life in a series of vlogs uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel. He gave a tour of his museum-like apartment for the first time, showed how he prepared for a performance, and even revealed his workout to maintain his killer body.


At the end of his busy day, RM had dinner with John Eun (also known as Eun Hee Young), who he collaborated with on his latest album Indigo on the tracks “No.2” and “Forg_tful.” The two shared a pizza and beer before listening to RM’s new album from start to finish.

While eating, John Eun couldn’t help but notice that, for the first time, RM downed his whole glass of beer before he did! He told RM, “But at one point, you became a better drinker than me. You weren’t exactly a lightweight, and you weren’t savoring your drink, either. Drinks were just alcohol to you.

Agreeing with his hyung (the Korean word men use to refer to older men), RM said, “I was wary of drinking. I like the idea of having the time and money to enjoy drinking and knowing how to control it.

He explained that one of the main reasons he had a collection of alcohol in his house wasn’t to get drunk but to admire all the different tastes and bottles.

Even if it seems like something an older man would do, RM’s approach to having a display filled with different drinks shows his true personality of living a simple life collecting knowledge rather than living in excess and extravagance. The collection also makes his apartment even more museum-like!

Watch the full vlog below. RM and John Eun have dinner at the 7:56 mark.




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