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BTS Suga’s “D-DAY” Concert Inspired Veteran Soloist Uhm Jung Hwa’s Future Plans

“When I saw you performing…”

BTS‘s Suga is currently completing his mandatory military service, but before he enlisted, he pre-recorded episodes of his popular YouTube talk show, Suchwita.

Suga’s most recent Suchwita episode featured the legendary first-gen Korean soloist Uhm Jung Hwa.

Uhm Jung Hwa (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS’s Suga bonded over their shared milestones reached this year, with BTS celebrating their 10th debut anniversary and Uhm Jung Hwa celebrating her 30th debut anniversary.

The talented solo singer, who made her debut in 1993, shared that she had been contemplating hosting a solo concert. However, she had her reservations, citing a hesitation because she felt her voice had changed over the years.

Allowing herself grace after her three-decade-long career, she revealed that she often reminds herself that she can sing her many hit songs in a lower key if needed, and decided to move forward with a solo concert on December 9 and 10.

Uhm Jung Hwa revealed one source of recent inspiration for her singing career was BTS’s Suga, who hosted his own solo world tour earlier this year, SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY.”

| @agustd/Instagram

Uhm Jung Hwa shared that she wants to try different genres and styles with her future releases and admitted she wishes to sing songs like Suga’s.

She said she wants to sing “songs that talk about [her] own story and that people can relate to as they listen along.

Suga’s final three D-DAY: The Final concerts took place in Seoul, and during the last show, the BTS member burst into tears toward the end of the concert while singing three songs with emotional lyrics that are deeply personal to the BTS member.

The veteran soloist revealed that when Suga cried, she cried along with him because he “[talked] about [himself] so honestly.

She shared that the moment of vulnerability from BTS’s Suga was “really cool,” and Suga added that being able to tell one’s story through song in a way that is relatable to fans is a “blessing.”

Check out the full story in the new Suchwita episode below!




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