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BTS’s Jin Unexpectedly Shares How Much He Texts With J-Hope During Jungkook’s Livestream

Jin is waiting for Jungkook to join their “party.”

Recently, BTS’s Jungkook finished performing at the Global Citizen Festival in New York. He even hinted at his upcoming digital single, 3D, with a short clip played on the large screen. After the amazing show, he turned on Weverse Live to interact with fans.

During the live, member Jin entered the room and showed love and support for the golden maknae!

Fans loved seeing the two member’s interaction!

Jin: Boy stop touching your hair!!!
Jin: Oh JK!

Jin asked Jungkook to please contact him, revealing that he talks with J-Hope all the time.

Jin: Jungkook, please contact me.
Jin: I text J-Hope 300 times a day.


To this, Jungkook replied that he was busy with his schedule but promised to see him the next time he gets time off.

The timing is off..I’m been going overseas a lot so it’s hard to get the timing right. Sorry hyung, next time you come out for vacation let’s meet up.

Jin then states that Jungkook will be joining them soon to their “party.”

Knowing that it will soon be Jungkook’s time to join the military, he asks Jin to welcome him when it’s his time.

Ah ok when I get to the party, please accept me!

Jin quickly ends his little chat so as not to take away from Jungkook’s broadcast.

Jin: You are always amazing Jungkook fighting!
Jin: Stop talking about me and talk about you.

After hearing Jin’s words of support, Jungkook responds, “Hyung, you are looking great even in the military. Your face doesn’t change. You really don’t age at all, you look even younger.”

K-Netizens couldn’t help but smile at their interaction with one another!

  • “300 texts…so hilarious.”
  • “Jin is always so loving.”
  • “Lololol.”
  • “So hilarious..Jin leaves all these comments and then tells Jungkook not to talk about him.”
  • “So cute how he leaves all these messages.”
  • “I love how happy they are to see each other. What a good way to start off the morning.”




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