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BTS’s Jungkook Turns Hilariously “Judgmental” Toward ARMYs During Recent Interaction

He learned something new about his fans.

A recent clip of BTS member Jungkook’s amusing interaction with ARMYs is going viral on social media.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

Jungkook’s affectionate fondness for ARMYs is no news. He never misses a chance to show fans his appreciation and love, be it through virtual communication or face-to-face.

But recently, Jungkook saw a new side of his fans, which was visibly too much for him to handle for a few moments. The incident happened on November 15, during the pre-recording of his M Countdown performance.

Jungkook performed “Standing Next To You,” the title track of his recently-released album Golden, at the pre-recording in front of a live audience. Since these shoots only allow a limited number of fans to attend the recording, the atmosphere is often pretty cozy, allowing for a much closer interaction between fans and idols.

In between the takes, Jungkook shared some heartfelt moments with ARMYs in the audience, treating them with expensive gifts, receiving a surprise fan event, and even taking song requests for live renditions.

But one particular moment drew out the most iconic response from the BTS maknae, and it was when he took a sip from a water bottle while on stage. The simple action sent all the fans at the venue into a frenzy, resulting in loud cheers. But Jungkook couldn’t help his bewildered facial expressions.

Since the clip emerged online, ARMYs can’t handle the way Jungkook was taken off guard by the audience’s reaction, and many interpreted his hilarious expression as him urging them to “touch grass.”

Well, you can’t blame ARMYs for being down bad when this is the material they are dealing with!

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