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BTS’s V Left A Chinese Reporter Dumbfounded After She Asked Him One Simple Question

Classic V!

BTS‘s V is always leaving fans amused and laughing. Out of everything he has said, a past exchange with a Chinese reporter is still one of his funniest yet!


The incident occurred several years ago in a backstage interview with SBS‘s The Show. The short clip started with V enthusiastically introducing himself, shouting in basic Chinese, “Really! Hello everyone, I am V.

Impressed, the reporter happily greeted him back and fluently asked what his favorite food is: “Nice to meet you. What is your favorite food?” But what happened next was unexpected and hilarious.

Instead of responding to the question, V flashed his trademark smile and confidently said, “Thank you,” before handing the mic back, leaving the reporter surprised and dumbfounded.

All fans who viewed the clip were highly amused by the BTS member. They joked that he taught them to say thank you then just leave if they don’t understand a person’s language. They also joked that their first conversations with a Korean would be similar to this.

Additionally, they commented that it was a cute interaction that only gets funnier each time they watch it. Ultimately, V’s confidence when faced with a language he isn’t familiar with is seriously impressive!

Meanwhile, watch the full clip below.




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