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Chuu Gets Emotional In Resurfaced Clip As She Exposes BlockBerry Creative’s Mistreatment Of LOONA

“It was really hard.”

A month before Chuu was “removed” from LOONA by BlockBerry Creative, the singer appeared on Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic, where she had a breakdown talking about her relationship with her mom. That wasn’t the only emotional moment that caught fans’ attention.


In light of nine LOONA members filing lawsuits against BlockBerry Creative to suspend their contracts (four of them winning), a scene where Chuu detailed some of the company’s mistreatment of the group caused concern.

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

Chuu looked back on when she felt mentally exhausted and didn’t know how to manage her stress. Those emotions hit hardest right after LOONA debuted early in her career. Although Chuu wasn’t aware of methods for dealing with stress at the time, she remembered one thing that made her feel better.

Chuu remembered BlockBerry Creative allowing the LOONA members to take a break and go outside for less than half an hour.

Since it’s well-known that trainees and K-Pop idols spend hours training (up to an entire day), Chuu became emotional that the company didn’t let her get fresh air for at least an hour to take care of her mental health.

We were allowed to be outside for maybe twenty minutes? Not over an hour. So, I really wanted to go outside and get some fresh air.

— Chuu

Chuu broke down in tears as she recalled sometimes not being given that twenty minutes at all. She said, “If I didn’t get some air at the time… It was really hard.

The resurfaced clip was put into perspective when Yves once said she wanted to “go out” as a reward for winning at ISAC. Though everyone thought she was joking at the time, the clip has now taken on a sad meaning.

In that same Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic episode, Chuu even admitted she didn’t receive any income from BlockBerry Creative for the entire year of 2021 despite her many brand deals and commercials. Although the details of the lawsuits between LOONA and the company aren’t public, it’s similar to the current claims by the members.


See the emotional moment that gives a peek into how BlockBerry Creative treated the LOONA members.



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