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Couples From Korean Reality Dating Shows Who Are Still Dating IRL

There are numerous Korean reality dating shows with different concepts. From the Heart Signal series to Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno, many romances unfolded on screen, and some people found their matches.

How many of these couples stayed together after the show? Here are some couples who are still dating as of this article.

Park Jeong Jin and Song Se Ra from Love Catcher 2 (2019)

Love Catcher is a reality dating show where ten men and women participate in a game where they choose between love and money—without the other participants knowing. The mission of the show is to find out who is there for the money and who is there to find true love.

Park Jeong Jin (left) and Song Se Ra (right) | Mnet
| @srjjcouple/Instagram
| @songsel/Instagram

Lee Joo Hwey and Ko Min Young from EXchange 1 (2021)

The EXchange series is a dating program where four pairs of ex-couples live together and decide if they will choose to find new love with another person or reunite with their ex.

Ko Min Young (left) and Lee Joo Hwey (right) | TVING
| @lamuzes/Instagram
| @joohweylee/Instagram

 Nam Hee Doo and Lee Na Yeon from EXchange 2 (2022)

Lee Na Yeon (left) and Nam Hee Doo (right) | TVING
| @inayommi/Instagram
| @_andy_er/Instagram

Jung Hyun Kyu and Sung Hae Eun from EXchange 2 (2022)

Sung Hae Eun (left) and Jung Hyun Kyu (right) | TVING

Lee Jun Seong and Shin Sung Ho from His Man Season 2 (2023)

His Man is a dating program where eight young and attractive men live together for eight days in order to find love.

Shin Sung Ho (left) and Lee Jun Seong (right) | Wavve
| @1_momomo1/Twitter
| DAZED Korea

Kim Pyeong Seok and Noh Hee Ji from Nineteen to Twenty (2023)

Nineteen to Twenty is a Netflix show that captures the last moments of young 19-year-olds and the first moments of becoming 20. Ten participants attend classes that teach them about adulthood, then after wringing in the new year and their new age, they live together at the “20 House” to find friendship and love.

Kim Pyeong Seok (left) and Noh Hee Ji (right) | Netflix
| @no._.easy/Instagram
| @k._.psssss/Instagram

Lim Jung Yun and Jeong Ji Woo from Nineteen to Twenty (2023)

Jeong Ji Woo (left) and Lim Jung Yun (right) | Netflix
| Netflix

Han Gyeo Re and Kim Ji Young from Heart Signal 4 (2023)

The Heart Signal series is a dating show where young men and women live together at the “Signal House,” where romance and love bloom. A panel of celebrities and TV personalities watch the participants’ interactions and guess who will vote for whom at the end of each episode.

Han Gyeo Re (left) and Kim Ji Young (right) | Channel A
| Channel A
Channel A

Shin Min Gyu and Yoo Esu from Heart Signal 4 (2023)

Shin Min Gyu (left) and Yoo Esu (right) | Channel A
Channel A   
| Channel A
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