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Daughter Of Famous Korean Actress Becomes Influencer Known For Her Stunning Visuals

Her teen star mom was known as the “Nation’s Little Sister.”

South Korean actress Lee Sang Ah made her acting debut in 1984, at only 12 years old, appearing in the KBS K-Drama Standing At A Mountain Temple.

She actively appeared in television and film throughout the late ’80s and the ’90s before taking a break in activities and resuming filming in the 2000s.

Her teen star status earned her the title of “Nation’s Little Sister,” and she appeared in her most recent guest role in the 2020 K-Drama Touch.

Lee Sang Ah | Yonhap News

Lee Sang Ah was married to singer and film producer Jeon Cheol in 2000 and 2001, and they had a daughter, Yoon Seo Jin.

Lee Sang Ah has appeared on broadcast with her daughter before, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their lives together on the tvN series I’m Alive.

Yoon Seo Jin (left) and Lee Sang Ah (right) | OSEN

The two showed off their close relationship and hilariously bickered over the fact that Yoon Seo Jin had blocked her mom on social media, which led actress Lee Sang Ah to admit she had blocked her own mom, too.

Yoon Seo Jin may not have followed in her mother’s footsteps with an acting career, but her gorgeous visuals and cool style have earned her a career as a social media influencer.

Yoon Seo Jin captures her glamorous lifestyle on her personal Instagram, which has over 43,800 followers.

She also runs a successful online clothing store called SEOJINHAE, which she often models for.

Yoon Seo Jin consistently updates her social media pages with photos and videos of her luxurious lifestyle as an influencer.

Check out more through her official Instagram account below!

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