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Drop-Dead Gorgeous Singer Stuns In A Bold “Under-Boob” Fashion Look

The look was actually altered from the original!

One of the most daring fashion trends to have made its way around the world is the “under-boob” look. As implied in the name, the look involves the wearing exposing the underside of their breasts in some way, usually a cropped top, but it can be executed in other ways and is not limited to gender.


As with most riskier fashion trends, the reception has not always been positive, as netizens have debated the merits of the bold look.  Regardless of opinion, this has not stopped stars from trying it out, including a recent singer’s daring “under-boob” look at a fashion event!

Tóc Tiên (Toc Tien) is a Vietnamese singer who began her career as a child model and singer and entered her first singing competition before high school. Her first album Nụ cười nắng mai was released in 2007, the same year she graduated.

Tóc Tiên | Elle Man

After dropping out of college in the United States, the star returned to Vietnam, where a remix of her new song, “Ngáy Mai,” led to amazing success and established her career there.

Since then, Tóc Tiên has only grown in popularity, making her acting debut and appearing on shows like the Vietnamese version of King Of The Masked Singer. Her popularity has also led to a relationship with the luxury brand BVLGARI, modeling the brand and attending events.

One such event the star attended was the BVLGARI Studio event in Seoul on March 14, 2024. Tóc Tiên wore a form-fitting little black dress that featured cutouts over her chest and hip, an altered version of Mugler‘s Asymmetric Striped Mini Dress.

| @toctien1305/Instagram
| @toctien1305/Instagram
| @toctien1305/Instagram

Her photos with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa also caused a stir online, as netizens praised the two beauties’ visuals.

Tien with BLACKPINK’s Lisa (left) | @toctien1305/Instagram
| @toctien1305/Instagram

You can read more about Tóc Tiên’s experience with Lisa and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu below!

Famous Singer Spills Details About Meeting BLACKPINK’s Lisa And SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu



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