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EXID’s Members All Had Different Reactions To Recording Together After Three Years

2022 has unexpectedly become a year to remember for fans of K-Pop’s second and third generations with the heartwarming reunion of multiple groups, including EXID, who reunited after three years.

(From left to right) EXID’s Solji, LE, Hani, Jeonghwa, and Hyelin | @exidofficial/Instagram

EXID debuted under AB Entertainment as a six-member girl group on February 16, 2012, and were later managed by Banana Culture. Two months after their debut, three of the original members, DamiYuji, and Haeryeong departed from the group. They were replaced by Solji and Hyelin, finalizing the five-member line-up that fans know today.

The group’s popularity skyrocketed in 2014 when member Hani’s fancam for their song “Up & Down” went viral in 2014. 

Hani’s viral “Up & Down” fancam 

The group revealed later that at the time “Up & Down” was released, they were on the verge of disbandment. The fans and attention they gained from the fan cam allowed the group to promote it again on music shows.

They continued promoting until 2019, when they announced the group would be going on an indefinite hiatus with the intention of reuniting to promote again when the time was right.

EXID in 2019 | @exidofficial/Instagram

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the group announced in a surprise live broadcast that they would be making a comeback with a new mini-album, X.

The mini-album has four tracks, “FIRE,” “IDK (I DON’T KNOW),” “LEGGO,” and an English version of “FIRE.”

EXID during their surprise live broadcast | @exidofficial/Instagram

EXID recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the group returning to the recording studio together for the first time since their hiatus. They spoke about how they felt about recording together again, and each member reacted differently.

1. LE

For LE, being together again was comfortable, but there was a new feeling at the same time.

2. Hani

Hani heartwarmingly shared it felt like she had returned home by reuniting with the members. She was so excited to spend time with her fellow members that she hilariously arrived early at the recording studio just to catch up with them.

3. Jeonghwa

For Jeonghwa, she had trouble sleeping the night before recording and was nervous about greeting fans again through music, as she’s been focusing on acting recently.

She noted that the members have such a strong connection that they don’t always have to speak their minds; they just intuitively know what the other is thinking.

4. Hyelin

Aside from appearing in reality shows, member Hyelin also released a solo ballad single, “Lonely,” and a K-Drama OST song, “Love Letter,” for Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Because the songs were ballads, she shared she felt a bit lost recording the pop tracks on EXID’s new mini-album.

She also echoed the sentiments of the other members by revealing how nice it was to be reunited again. At their recording, they were even joined by the famous producer Shinsadong Tiger who helped to form and manage the group since their debut.

5. Solji

Solji was so emotional about their reunion that she was unable to complete her solo interview as she shared she was about to cry.

Check out the rest of EXID’s preparations for their recent comeback below!



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