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Famous “Bride” Wipes Out In Front Of 30,000 People

She handled it like a pro though!

Most of us would like for our silly little embarrassing moments to go as unnoticed as possible. However, for this particular bride, not only did it happen at a crucial moment, but it was also witnessed by thousands of people, live!

The “bride” in question is none other than G.E.M., the popular Hong Kong singer.

G.E.M | | @gem0816/Instagram

The singer is currently on her G.E.M. I AM GLORIA world tour, and its opening night was on December 9 in Guangzhou, China.

| @gem0816/Instagram


G.E.M. graced the elevated stage, looking like a dream in an all-white dress that was marked with burn stains and a veil. But as she walked forward to take her position, the audience of thirty thousand let out a collective gasp as she tripped and fell.

Fortunately, the height of the elevated stage was short. A staff member rushed to help the singer and ensured she was not injured.

Within moments, G.E.M. was back on her feet, and her seasoned professionalism came through as she gracefully continued to perform “Amazing Grace,” leaving the audience mesmerized.

Though she brushed off the accident at the moment, later, during the concert, she turned it into something inspiring. “More than 30,000 people just watched me fall there,” she said, adding, “But as long you have light, you can fall and still stand up. That is the most important thing.”

| @markjoonjie/Instagram

Meanwhile, G.E.M. sold out all three nights of her Guangzhou shows with over 90,000 people in attendance, making history as the first Chinese female singer to open three stadium shows in a row! The next stop of her tour is Nanning on December 23 and 24.



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