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Fanboy Goes Viral For His Unexpected Roller Coaster Experience While Trying To Meet BLACKPINK

Will he be able to see BLACKPINK eventually? ????

While fans enjoy stanning their idols, many would agree that it can be a pain when it comes to getting tickets to see their favorite artists in concert. This is especially true when artists are famous and popular worldwide, and BLACKPINK is no exception.


Even when BLACKPINK holds concerts at large venues, there are not enough tickets to go around due to their large fanbase. Tickets tend to sell out almost immediately after they go on sale, so fans often cannot purchase them, even if they try to right when ticketing opens.

BLACKPINK concert poster | Tixcraft

Like other BLACKPINK shows, the Kaohsiung stop of the group’s BORN PINK tour sold out immediately after tickets went on sale. The organizer added more seats, even those where you can’t even see the stage at all, in an attempt to meet the popular demand.

Announcement for additional seating | Live Nation Taiwan

Many fans couldn’t get tickets, and among them, one fanboy who struggled to get tickets to the Kaohsiung stop went viral after sharing his story on Tiktok. First, he shared that he had to look for tickets from scalpers.

The scalped tickets were way too expensive, so I looked everywhere to compare prices, and in the end, I finally found relatively inexpensive tickets compared to others. I was so happy. I bought the tickets yesterday…


BLACKPINK fanboy | @xxibremxtze

Even though he had to pay more than the original price, he was able to secure tickets, so that’s great, right? Sadly, the story didn’t end here for him.

…and I got my enlistment notice this morning.


BLACKPINK fanboy | @xxibremxtze

Aside from getting the much-dreaded enlistment notice, the timing of everything was very unfortunate.

I was supposed to see BLACKPINK on March 18. I have to enlist on March 12. How am I supposed to see them now? Is Jennie going to visit me at the base?


BLACKPINK fanboy | @xxibremxtze

And the series of unfortunate events didn’t stop here either. After posting the clip, a netizen’s comment seemingly gave the fanboy renewed hope that he’d actually be able to see BLACKPINK after all.

Since you’re enlisting on March 12, you get to go on vacation after 6 pm on March 17, so you can watch the concert on March 18.

– Netizen

Netizen comments | @xxibremxtze

However, other netizens later pointed out, “I remember you don’t get a vacation during the first week, and visits are during the second week,” and “There’s no vacation in the first week.” Once again, the fanboy’s hopes got dashed.



♬ 原聲 – 李程 – 李程 IG:xxibremxtze

Best of luck to this fanboy with his military enlistment! Hopefully he’ll be able to see BLACKPINK once he’s discharged.




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