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Fans Praise The “Queendom Puzzle” Contestant Who Upvoted Every Single Contestant

The second episode of Mnet‘s newest survival show, Queendom Puzzle, has aired, and fans are once again voting for their favorite seven contestants they hope will debut in Mnet’s special project group.

“Queendom Puzzle” teaser image | @MnetKR/Twitter

The second episode featured the rest of the contestants’ solo evaluation stages, where the other contestants voted “up or down” based on their performance. The results of these evaluation stages were going to determine the contestants’ new tier rankings.

While some of the solo performances left the contestants and fans in awe…

And other performances leaving fans looking ahead to the skills the contestants will show in future stages…

One contestant gave every contestant an upvote, even when almost everyone else voted them down.

| @I_MIRU_YOU/Twitter 

During the episode, Japanese idol Miru admitted that she’d given an upvote for every performance.

Miru | @48RequestHour/Twitter
| @I_MIRU_YOU/Twitter 
| @I_MIRU_YOU/Twitter 

Miru explained that she saw how hard all the idols had prepared for their stages and gave them upvotes for making her smile.

| @I_MIRU_YOU/Twitter
| @I_MIRU_YOU/Twitter 

Fans were impressed with her incredibly supportive and positive attitude, especially given Queendom Puzzle is a survival show.

Her “angelic” behavior earned her many new fans.

Many fans even hope that Mnet’s infamous “evil editing” leaves Miru alone since she seems to have such a genuinely kind personality.

You can watch Miru’s own performance here.

You can read more about the recent episode of Queendom Puzzle here.

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