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Fans Shocked After “Dr. Romantic 3” Star’s Past Sex Crime Conviction Resurfaces

He’s appeared in numerous movies and dramas since.

Recently, the past criminal history of actor Lee Kyung Young resurfaced amongst K-Drama fans.

Lee Kyung Young | Dahong Entertainment

A few days ago, actor Song Joong Ki angered netizens by commenting about parenthood and job loss, which many found “insensitive” and untrue.

Song Joong Ki Angers Netizens After “Insensitive” Comment About Parenthood And Losing Jobs

The comment sparked many conversations online about actors being able to return to their careers after all sorts of events. One post by a K-Drama fan attracted much attention after claiming that a “sex offender” was” getting minimum two casting offers per year.

Lee Kyung Young, who recently appeared in the dramas Dr. Romantic 3 and Queenmaker, is the actor being referenced in this post. In 2002, Lee Kyoung Young was arrested and tried in court for prostitution of a minor.

Lee Kyung Young under arrest.

Public records of the trial revealed that Lee Kyung Young “manipulated and exploited” an underaged aspiring actress, “L,” into having sex with him — in exchange for securing a role in one of his future movies.

Initially, Lee Kyung Young was said to have been oblivious that L is a teenager. The following two times he had sex with L, he was said to have been fully aware of L’s age. Lee Kyung Young was found guilty of prostitution on two of three occasions. He was given a suspended sentence of 10 months of prison with two years of probation and 160 hours of community service.

His career slowed immensely then, not taking a role until 2005 and only working a few projects a year until 2011 when he was in six different movies.

Lee Kyung Young in National Security in 2012.

Since then, Lee Kyung Young has appeared in multiple films and dramas yearly, including popular series like The World of The MarriedVincenzo, and Doctor Lawyer 3.

Lee Kyung Young (left) in The World Of The Married. | JTBC
Lee Kyung Young in Dr. Romantic 3. | SBS

K-Drama fans expressed their shock at the fact that someone convicted of crimes against a minor could appear in works at all.




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