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Filipina K-Pop Idol’s “Very Extra” Personality Is Even Making Reporters Notice Her

Truly an icon! 👑

Rookie Filipina K-Pop idol Gehlee has just made her debut in girl group UNIS, and she’s already stealing the spotlight with her captivating beauty and refreshing personality.

UNIS’s Gehlee

And when it comes to personality, Gehlee is truly one of a kind. Overflowing with grace and femininity, fans are calling her a princess, but what truly sets her apart is how confidently “extra” she is!

This quirk is best seen in her constant readiness to strike a pose, effortlessly showcasing multiple looks with barely a need to take a break.

| @unizgehlee/Twitter
| @softgehlee/Twitter

Even reporters noticed it. Watching the 16-year-old strike model-like poses, they laughed and commented, “Look at Gehlee.

| @gehleedits/TikTok

With a spring in her step, she never fails to greet fans, doing so in a very extra way—twirling and flipping her hair like a true natural.

| @gehleedits/TikTok

Not even almost entering the wrong car will stop her from posing.

| @gehleedits/TikTok
| @gehleedits/TikTok

Gehlee’s fun and laid-back personality is a breath of fresh air in the K-Pop scene. The industry hasn’t seen anything like it yet!

Learn more about the Filipina star in the article below.

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Source: TikTok and Twitter



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