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Girls’ Generation Fans Can’t Get Over This Endearing SONE Interaction

Girls’ Generation recently concluded their meaningful promotions for their comeback, Forever 1. The song celebrated the group’s 15th anniversary and was a special tribute to their fans. Forever 1 was especially meaningful as it was the first time all eight members performed on stage together since 2017.

Girls’ Generation | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

Along with an unexpected performance at SM Entertainment‘s family concert, SMTOWN 2022, Girls’ Generation just held an in-person and online event, Long Lasting Love.

Fans lucky enough to be able to attend the event in person, of course, went all out with even their outfits, excited to be able to cheer on the legendary group.

And both Girls’ Generation and fans were excited to be able to see the iconic pink ocean again.

While the entire event was filled with meaning and emotion, fans were especially endeared by one interaction between a Korean SONE and an international SONE.

| @adewiraldy/Twitter

In the picture of the interaction, it looks as if one of the SONE is using the popular translation app Papago to communicate with the other who might be using Google Translate.

Fans found the picture relatable, suggesting that they would do the same thing if they were trying to communicate in another language to a fellow fan.

And other fans pointed out that, since both SONE share a love for Girls’ Generation, there is no real language barrier between them.



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