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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows Off Her Impressive Back Muscles In New Vlogs

All we can say is “wow!”.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is known for her toned physique and impressive body line. She recently stunned fans by flexing her back muscles during her own vlog and in group member Yuri‘s as well!

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung | SBS

Sooyoung recently revealed the impressive workout routine she uses to stay in shape and left fans shook by how hard she works out. It seems like she is very proud of her work, however, and doesn’t miss a chance to show it off.


In her newest The Sootory vlog, Sooyoung first shared how some of the preparations for the group’s latest album, Forever 1, went for her. This included her attending meetings via video conference and working with the producers of the album at different times than the other members due to their busy schedules.

Sooyoung also shared a portion of her outfit fittings for Girls’ Generation’s promotions and was very excited to dress in such a fun manner. She had a moment of shock when she pulled out a purple dress that didn’t seem to be made of much material, in her opinion.

Despite her initial shock, she eventually put on the dress and modeled it for the costume designers. The dress showed off a lot of skin and highlighted her amazing body proportions, including her impressive back muscles.

Sooyoung is very proud of her muscles (and rightfully so) and couldn’t resist showing them off in Yuri‘s personal vlog as well!

As the group got ready backstage for their appearance on Amazing Saturday, Yuri approached Sooyoung, who was wearing a cami tank top, and asked her to flex her arm muscles. Sooyoung took it up another level and began to flex her arms and back like a professional bodybuilder!

| 유리한TV/Youtube

| 유리한TV/Youtube

You can check out Sooyoung’s full vlog below:

Girls’ Generation



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