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GOT7’s BamBam Teases Sandara Park On Twitter, Showing Their Close Friendship

One of the recent K-Pop idol friendships that fans can’t seem to get enough of is the friendship between GOT7‘s BamBam and Sandara Park.

Sandara (left) and GOT7’s BamBam (right). | @krungy21/Twitter

After Dara was announced to be joining Abyss Company in 2021, BamBam made sure to send her a warm welcome, referring to her as a “new family member.

Sandara seemed to share the same feelings as she tweeted “Say hi to my new little brother BamBam,” along with two photos of the pair posing cutely together.

Fans next saw how close the two are when BamBam performed at Manila’s 2022 K-Pop Masterz Festival. After performing his set, which included a cover of the Filipino song “Ngiti”, BamBam brought out Sandara as a special guest!

Sandara performed 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” as a special treat for her fans in attendance at the show.

Sandara also stayed on stage to perform the second verse of “Ribbon” with BamBam as well!

Now fans are getting another glimpse of how close the two truly are now!

Fans of GOT7 know that BamBam enjoys roasting and teasing those he is closest to online, especially on Twitter.

Sandara recently shared photos of herself at Paris Fashion Week, wearing an outfit from Rick Owen‘s line. The outfit is similar to a robe and completely covers her from the neck down.

| @krungy21/Twitter

| @krungy21/Twitter

| @krungy21/Twitter

BamBam took this as an opportunity to make his own comparison and tweeted a gif of someone dressed up as Gandolf from Lord of the Rings as though to say that is what she looked like!

BamBam then followed up with another tweet featuring a thumbs-up emoji, praising hands, and a heart, seemingly trying to cover his tracks and it may have worked as Sandara has not yet responded!

BamBam’s teasing is just one of the ways he knows how to show love! Check out more instances of BamBam teasing people on Twitter below:

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