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How K-Pop Dance Challenges Are Impacting Idol Interactions, According To INFINITE’s Woohyun

Being backstage at music shows is now a very different experience.

INFINITE‘s Nam Woohyun made his anticipated solo comeback in November 2023, releasing his first full-length solo album, Whitree, on November 28.

INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun | @nwh91/Instagram

The second-generation idol, who celebrates his 14th debut anniversary in June 2024,  promoted his new title songs for two weeks on music programs.

During his solo promotions, which coincided with the promotions of many 4th- and 5th-generation K-Pop artists, Woohyun realized how much has changed since his debut.

Woohyun recently filmed an episode of Leemujin Service with soloist Lee Mujin and discussed how different idol interactions are now compared to when he was younger.

He clarified that idols used to greet and check in with each other outside of waiting rooms, and he would often buy drinks from vending machines for fellow artists.

During his recent promotions, idols were filming dance challenges whenever he exited his waiting room instead of interacting like he was used to.

Lee Mujin revealed that he understood exactly what Woohyun meant and shared that when idols greet him now, they typically ask him to participate in their dance challenges. The soloist said that dance challenges were now “added” to his workload and felt like a “trade deal.”

Woohyun agreed, concluding that interactions seemed to become more “conditional” with the rising trend of dance challenges.

Check out their full conversation about K-Pop idol dance challenges in the video below:



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