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How Often K-Pop Idols Really Get To See Their Families, According To A Former Idol

Former DRIPPIN member Alex opened up about his life as a K-pop idol to German magazine Stern. He touched on topics ranging from his school life to the things singers like him should never do.

Former DRIPPIN member Alex

He was also asked about his family and how often he was able to visit them. The answer was, unsurprisingly, not a positive one.

In Alex’s case, he would get the opportunity to go home every few Sundays for a few hours each. He’d have to return to the group’s dorm to prepare for any upcoming performances, comebacks, fan meetings, and more.

I often work for weeks at a time and sometimes had Sundays off. But really only sometimes. And then I saw my family for lunch or dinner and then we said goodbye again.

— Alex

Like other K-Pop groups, DRIPPIN was given vacation leaves—but only a few. Besides Chuseok and a few other dates, they were stuck working year-round.

We also had a few days of vacation this year, but only very, very rarely.

— Alex

Thankfully, his entire family was highly supportive of him when he was a K-Pop idol who had no free time. They understood that he was chasing his dreams and that it came with a price.

Of course my parents were sad and didn’t like it because I was 15 and 16. I also have two little brothers who I missed very much during that time. But everyone supported me.

My brothers, 11 and 17, are child models themselves, so they understand what it means to be in the public eye. They were proud of me. My little brother learned all the songs by heart and always sang along.

— Alex

Alex was born in 2004 to a German father and Korean mother. He has two younger brothers.



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