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How TXT Broke Their Dorm’s Ceiling

With TXT as the guest stars for an episode of Super Junior‘s Shindong‘s MannaDalla, they shared the chaotic fun they had as trainees, including some accidental property damage.


Though Shindong was looking forward to hearing about ghost stories from their trainee days, TXT gave him something more relatable. Taehyun revealed that their “ceiling broke once” but “wasn’t a supernatural thing.

Thanks to his many years with the Super Junior members, Shindong immediately realized how TXT broke their ceiling. He responded, “You broke it while playing.

Hueningkai confirmed, “It was a bouncy ball.” Shindong understood based on how wild Super Junior could be. He admitted, “If we have a ball, we go crazy too.

Whether they’re on stage or playing around, the TXT boys always give one hundred percent, even if they have to break a ceiling.


Watch Taehyun and Hueningkai prove they play as hard as they work.



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