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Idols Take A Flight…To Exchange Photocards With A Fan In Person

With photocards being included at random, it’s common for fans to look for exchange partners on various social media platforms.

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But while they sometimes shoot album unboxing vlogs and react to the photocards they get, idols going out and exchanging photocards with others is almost unheard of.

Photocards 2
INFINITE’s Woohyun showing off his photocard | @NAMWOOHYUN_OFFICIAL/YouTube

But one lucky fan got an experience of a lifetime when she exchanged photocards with her idols, who even flew to the city where she lives to do an in-person exchange! The story began when SHOU, a member of boy group W0LF(S) which is active in Taiwan, failed to get the rarest duo photocard featuring his fellow group members, Nine ChenQiu Fengze.

Photocards 3
| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

Disappointed, SHOU did what fans usually do — he posted on social media, “Does anyone want to exchange Nine Chen-Qiu Fengze for my Lai photocard?” To which a fan responded, “I’ll do it! If we can do the exchange in person, I’ll exchange it immediately. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Photocards 4
| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

SHOU then called his fellow member Lai to explain the situation.

SHOU: One person said they’re willing to use the Nine Chen-Qiu Fengze photocard to exchange for my Lai photocard, but she wants to trade in person.

Lai: What?

SHOU: And she’s in Hong Kong.

Lai: I don’t need to go over there, right?

– Phone conversation between SHOU and Lai

And two days later, they were off to Hong Kong! SHOU asked Lai if he was looking forward to it, and he responded, “This is crazy!

Photocards 5
| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

Just like a normal exchange, SHOU asked the fan what color she was wearing that day to identify her at the spot where they were meeting up.

Photocards 6
| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

When they finally met, the fan and her friend understandably couldn’t hide their excitement!

| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

SHOU and Lai offered to sign their photocards, and one of the girls couldn’t help but exclaim, “I thought this was a scam!

Photocards 7
The Nine Chen-Qiu Fengze photocard | @w0lfs.official/Instagram

Following the exchange, SHOU and Lai returned to the airport to fly home on that same day.

Photocards 8
| @w0lfs.official/Instagram

Check out the entire trip below!



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