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INFINITE Names The Member Who Makes The Most Money

They may not be the member you expect.

During INFINITE‘s appearance on Knowing Bros, the veteran group wasn’t afraid to be honest about how they split their profits between the six members. They even revealed which member made the most money.

Sungyeol, L, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungjong, and Dongwoo. | @IFNT_Official_/Twitter

Because each INFINITE member is signed to a different entertainment company, they have to split their profits individually among them—after earning it through INFINITE COMPANY. However, there was a member who had different circumstances.

While the other members’ companies took a cut out of their profits, Sungyeol‘s company didn’t want to interfere at all with INFINITE’s activities. Sungyeol explained, “Our CEO literally said, ‘I want nothing to do with it. You take it all!’

Because of that, Sungyeol had no staff members or a manager accompanying him to INFINITE’s schedules. He admitted, “I don’t have a manager with me, so when I’m alone, the other four managers come and take care of me.” Sungyeol even carpooled with Sunggyu and his manager to get to Knowing Bros.

Hearing that information, one of the show’s cast members couldn’t help saying, “So you are comfortable physically, and you earn the most money.” INFINITE immediately agreed.

No wonder the members joked about Sungyeol’s expensive hobbies of golf and drinking wine. He even gives off rich CEO vibes in his Instagram posts.

| @sungyeol_827/Instagram

While some may think Sunggyu makes the most money as CEO and L for his many acting roles, Sungyeol is the one who has the best ratio of profits.




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