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ITZY’s Lia And Yuna Are Brought To Tears Over A Fortune Teller’s Predictions For 2023

2023 will be ITZY’s year!

ITZY recently appeared on the program Idol League, where they had the chance to sit down with a fortune teller who gave the members predictions about their future!

Fans have been excited about their appearance on the show as their last led to some hilarious moments, including Yeji revealing which of the members listens to her the least.

This episode also had some funny moments, like host Super Junior‘s Shindong asking Yuna about her credit card limit!

The members also got their future read told by a shaman who had some tips for the group!

Yeji asked the fortune teller about ITZY’s future growth and was told that the group focusing on their overseas activities would, in turn, generate more popularity in Korea!

The fortune teller also told Yeji that she would have more individual activities this year but must watch out for her back injury, which according to ITZY, only a few people knew about.

After Yeji’s turn, Lia was the next to get her fortune told. The fortune teller began by telling Lia that she was “born with many talents” and that she “worked very hard.

Lia seemed to become overcome with emotion, and once the fortune teller told her that she did not need to doubt herself, she began to cry.

As the fortune teller continued to advise Lia to have more confidence in herself and her abilities, Yuna also shed tears at the struggles that Lia had previously gone through.

The fortune teller continued by saying that Lia would have the “biggest fortune related to overseas promotions” and that things would only improve from this point on as long as she remained confident.

Hopefully, this year will bring nothing but success for ITZY!




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