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IVE’s Leeseo Is A Shapeshifter, And These Photos Next To Different Group Members Is Proof

“What is this sorcery…”

It’s not a new revelation that IVE‘s Leeseo and Gaeul look strikingly similar. Fans have discussed many times the visual similarities between the two members, and it’s easy to see why!

Leeseo & Gaeul (IVE) | @IVE_twt/Twitter

It turns out, though, that there are more visual similarities between the members of IVE than just these two. Recently, a tweet caught attention that sparked a discussion about how Leeseo is the “chameleon” of IVE, and can look like nearly all of the members depending on the situation.

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The tweet that started the conversation is below. The post being retweeted is a recent picture of Wonyoung, with the caption, “Ah f*ck, beanie-Jang Wonyoung that came up for 1 second is making my otaku heart f*cking race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


The retweet itself, though, shows how the retweeter confused Wonyoung with Leeseo, saying, “You’re telling me that this isn’t Leeseo?… IVE, just what are you guys?”

On a forum post sharing the above image, four more images of Leeseo standing beside four different members of IVE add proof about how she’s a “shapeshifter” and can look more similar to each of the members (apart from Rei) depending on the situation. The first image is of Leeseo with Gaeul, which we’ve already discussed…

Leeseo & Gaeul

The styling in the photo below, though, makes Leeseo look more similar to Wonyoung who is beside her in the picture.

Leeseo & Wonyoung

This image seemed to give fans the most confusion, with some unable to tell which one is Leeseo and which is Liz (spoiler, Leeseo is on the left).

Leeseo & Liz

And then finally, this image with Yujin shows that, with a similar style and expression, even these two can look alike.

Leeseo & Yujin

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to this series of bewildering and amusing pictures!






It seems like Leeseo really is a human Ditto!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa



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