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K-Pop Idols Spill On The Rivalry Between SM Entertainment And YG Entertainment

It interesting to hear how the idols handled it!

For many years, the big three K-Pop companies were considered JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

Fan wars between groups under these companies during the 2000s and 2010s were widespread as groups competed for popularity, but was it the same for idols?

Sandara Park and Kim Jaejoong recently revealed how the competition was felt between idols.

Sandara Park | Abyss
Kim Jaejoong | star1

Sandara Park is known for being a member of 2NE1, one of YG Entertainment’s biggest groups, while Kim Jaejoong was a member of SM Entertainment’s DBSK before his departure.

During the recent episode of JaeFriends, Jaejoong mentioned that the two idols couldn’t say they were friends. Sandara followed up by saying that groups were careful about whether or not to even say hello to each other.

After reflecting on how different things are now, Sandara says that “rival groups” couldn’t like each other and that Girls Generation was always an opponent to 2NE1.

She even commented on the fandoms, saying that SM group’s fandoms were always intense, something that made 2NE1 feel anxious while attending music shows.

While the landscape of K-Pop has changed, it is interesting to see how these “rivalries” actually went with the artists!  You can check out the full video below.



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