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Korean Baseball Players’ Wives Unexpectedly Seize Moment On Jumbotron

They were NOT ready. 😂

In a new hilarious viral clip from a Korean baseball game, the wives of the players are stealing the show! The moment the jumbotron showed one of the player’s wives onscreen, she immediately got to work serving.

He couldn’t believe his eyes as his wife was dancing her heart out like an icon!

When the camera went back to the players to show their reaction, some hilarious conversations were caught on camera, including where he said, “She’s driving me crazy.”

She continued to slay and he couldn’t help but just laugh at the whole situation.

She could be a star in the making! However, she wasn’t the only wife who made a scene.

Another player’s wife suddenly joined in on the fun!

When the camera went to her, she also showed off her moves.

Her husband had a totally different reaction and ran away in embarrassment.

These two ladies know how to seize the moment!

Watch the full clip below.



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