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Kwon Eunbi And GOT7’s BamBam Don’t Filter Their First Impressions Of Each Other

They don’t hold back 😂

Kwon Eunbi and GOT7‘s BamBam have earned attention for their endearing friendship and hilarious on-screen chemistry, and the two recently reunited to film for BamBam’s talk show, Bam’s House.

Kwon Eunbi (left) and GOT7’s BamBam (right) | 뱀집/YouTube

The two continued to show off their sibling-like chemistry, teasing each other while also sharing sweet stories about their friendship.

As the two playfully fought over whether or not to attend each other’s concerts, BamBam stated that Kwon Eunbi is “so consistent,” adding that her personality while filming is the same as when the cameras are off.

Kwon Eunbi asked BamBam if he felt the same way about her as he had when he met her, and BamBam hilariously replied that his impression of her “actually changed a little bit for the better.

He continued, honestly saying that when they first met, he thought she might have been a “bit rude.

BamBam added that, as he got to know Kwon Eunbi, he realized how nice she was, and the soloist agreed that she has a “plot twist charm.

Kwon Eunbi had a first impression story of her own about BamBam. She shared that when she first met the GOT7 maknae, she thought he was “a bit cocky.”

Kwon Eunbi explained that when they first met, BamBam tipped his head to the side when bowing to greet her instead of tipping his head down.

BamBam clarified the situation, stating that he didn’t recognize her because her hat was covering her face.

When she was formally introduced to him, he still felt awkward but hilariously exposed Kwon Eunbi, saying that she “didn’t react all that nicely, either,” which she denied.

They both playfully agreed to disagree about their first interaction, but Kwon Eunbi did reveal that she found BamBam “adorable” and thought he was taller than she had expected.

The two continue to keep fans entertained with their fun friendship! Check out more on the dynamic duo below:

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