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LAPILLUS’ Chanty Met 2NE1’s Sandara Park When She Least Expected It, And Her Reaction Was Ultra Relatable

LAPILLUSChanty, the first Filipino-Argentinian K-Pop idol, recently sat down for an interview with The Korea Herald. Here, she delved deeper into her past as a former Pinay actress, her transition to Korea, and more.

She also discussed new information about herself such as the first time she saw her idol, Sandara Park!


Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

The former 2NE1 singer and current LAPILLUS member have one major thing in common: they both jumpstarted their careers in the Philippines before moving to South Korea. They were even former Star Magic artists, one of the biggest talent agencies in the country.

I didn’t realize it until I became a trainee I think. Sandara sunbaenim debuted as an actress in the Philippines, too, in the same company that I was in. That’s our connection. I wish to be able to inspire the youth just like how she inspired me to become a K-Pop star.

— Chanty

Though they have many things in common, Chanty wasn’t able to see Sandara in person until recently. The former spotted her in the place where many K-Pop idols, actors, and entertainers in general meet: the makeup and hair salon.

In the Philippines, I never got to meet her. But here [in Korea, my group] went to the salon once. All of a sudden, she passed behind me.

— Chanty

Without Chanty expecting it at all, Sandara was only a few feet away from her. She was frozen in place and unsure if she should approach her.

I was like, ‘Did I just meet [Sandara]…should I say hi?’

— Chanty

A few seconds passed by and Chanty ended up feeling too shy to approach her idol. She ended up admiring Sandara from afar and praising her beauty!

But I didn’t know whether I could [approach her] so I was just looking. She was so beautiful.

— Chanty

Sandara Park in a Hair Salon

Chanty ended the segment with a short video message to Sandara, asking if she could one day meet her formally.

Sandara sunbaenim, I love you. Please say hi to me if we meet again or I could say hi to you. Is it okay if I go near you and say hi?

— Chanty

Chanty is the 19-year old vocalist and “Vitamin C” of LAPILLUS, a six member girl group from MLD Entertainment, the company that produced MOMOLAND. They debuted on June 20 with the song “HIT YA!”

Check out the full video below to learn more about her.



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