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LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Admits She Auditioned For JYP Entertainment And Was Rejected

Here’s what she thinks about it.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae interviewed TWICE‘s Nayeon in a recent episode of “EunChae’s Startdiary,” and the two engaged in a very interesting conversation! Midway through, the “Smart” singer brought up how the “POP!” singer was celebrating 15 years since joining JYP Entertainment.

Eunchae (left) and Nayeon (right)

The latter nodded and shared how she still vividly remembers her audition in 2010, which fans have uploaded online and has raked in millions of views.

Hearing that, the LE SSERAFIM maknae revealed that she had actually auditioned for the Big 4 company before. Given that she is currently under Source Music, it was a shocking revelation.

  • Eunchae: But I also auditioned for JYP.
  • Nayeon: Really?
  • Eunchae: Yes, so I went to that company too.

Nayeon was surprised that she didn’t end up pursuing a spot in JYP Entertainment. She pointed out that Eunchae looks exactly like the kind of trainee the company likes: “But you’re our company’s style. Isn’t she? Eunchae is kind of… She has a trainee look. Am I the only one who thinks that? What happened?

So what happened? According to Eunchae, she was rejected because she didn’t do as well as she hoped given it was her first audition ever. The turning point was when she decided to change her song while on the way to the audition.

So it was probably my first audition of my life. I didn’t know much about auditions. How should I do it? I didn’t know anything, so I changed the audition song even in the car on the way to the company.

— Eunchae

When asked what song she sang, she realized she couldn’t remember it. She hilariously explained that she forgot all about it because she “has no memory of doing well.

  • Nayeon: What song did you sing?
  • Eunchae: I don’t remember that. I changed it, but since [I] have no memory of doing well, I don’t remember.

Eunchae’s audition in JYP may not have succeeded, but it became an important learning point. With her newfound experience, she went on to successfully become a trainee and debut in one of the hottest girl groups of this generation!

le sserafim
LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.



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