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NCTzens Are Loving Red Velvet’s Yeri For Rocking Out To NCT 127’s “2 Baddies”

She was headbanging to their song!

Yeri is the adorable maknae (Korean word for the group’s youngest member) of the K-Pop girl group Red Velvet. Her cute and innocent vibes capture the hearts of their fans, dubbed ReVeluvs, all around!

Yeri and the Red Velvet members in the music video for their song “Queendom” | SMTOWN/YouTube

Recently, Yeri and her fellow Red Velvet member Wendy received their driver’s licenses for the first time! Fans were able to celebrate with them since they documented their journey on a web series called Our First Driver’s License, which was released on the Red Velvet YouTube channel.

Title card for Our First Driver’s LicenseRed Velvet/YouTube

ReVeluvs anticipated Yeri putting her new skills to the test, and they were excited when she posted a short video of herself driving on her Instagram!

More importantly, fans saw that in the video, Yeri was rocking out to her junior group NCT 127‘s new song, “2 Baddies!”

The song’s lyrics were perfect for the drive, “Two baddies, two baddies, one Porsche!

Yeri showed that she supported her hoobaes (Korean word professionals use for people with less experience than them) wholeheartedly, making ReVeluvs and NCTzens alike fall in love with her even more!

Source: @yerimiese/Instagram



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