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Netizens Spot A Striking Resemblance Between NewJeans’ Minji And A Baseball Player

Do you see it?

According to netizens, NewJeansMinji has a new look-alike!

Despite being a male, the look alike in question shares many of her facial features and might make you realize why her face seems so familiar.

He’s none other than Baseball player Koo Ja Wook of the Samsung Lions!

From his strong eyebrows and eye shape to his cute rabbit-like nose and pouty lips, there is a strong sibling-like resemblance between the two celebrities.

If you pay close attention, even their ears stick out in a similar way!

Netizens commented on how Minji’s familiar feeling all makes sense now!

  • “Wow, the deja vu feeling solved.. Whenever I see Minji, I have a strong feeling that she’s so handsome lol”
  • “I heard that Minji has an older brother, I think he looks like Koo Ja Wook lol”
  • “Minji is really handsome, her face looks so charming”
  • “They look like siblings lol”
  • “Wow I thought she looked like someone but it was frustrating because I couldn’t think of it, but it’s Koo Ja Wook”

Known for her “handsome” visuals, it’s possible that Minji’s resemblance to Koo Ja Wook inspired this idea!



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