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NewJeans’ Haerin Spills On What She’s Learned About Herself, How To Be More Expressive, And More

She sure is the chill one out of the group.

NewJeans recently dropped a pictorial and interview with GQ Korea magazine for the October issue and talked about music, dreams, and how they’ve been doing lately. 

| NewJeans/GQ Korea

GQ: Even if you mute the screen, we can see who the speaker is just by looking at Haerin’s gaze. Even now.

I like to listen to other people’s stories. I tend to focus on listening so I can sympathize with them and through that I can also feel emotions that I haven’t felt before. Naturally. I think there are many things that I want to feel.

| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: What is Haerin learning these days by being a part of New Jeans?

I think I am practicing how to express a lot of myself these days. Although I have a lot of thoughts and feelings inside of me, it’s difficult for me to express it outwards on stage so that others can feel it too. I’m still inexperienced, but I’m trying to figure it out.

| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: From that position, did you dream of the Haerin that you are now? Not sure if we can describe it as a “dream”.

Yes! Even now, sometimes I believe it, sometimes I don’t. Hmm…I can’t think of a specific moment, but I was fascinated that I could feel a certain kind of emotion from someone I didn’t know at all through listening to someone singing.

I remember that singer, that person, sang a song that they wrote themselves. And so I still think, ‘Is that why I felt that way more?’. I thought it was really cool to be able to convey emotions through songs.


| Haerin/GQ Korea

GQ: It seems that the subject of emotions, expression, and feelings are always something around you. Out of the various types of emotions, which emotion does Haerin respond to the fastest?

Fun! Just as how I have always received it, I have always wanted to make people feel happy. It is the most important and I get very excited when I do it well.

Seeing just how much they have come in just over a month, we’re excited to see how far they will go as the next generation K-Pop girl group!



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