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NMIXX Sullyoon’s Messages With Her Brother Gives Off 100% “Realistic Siblings Vibes”

Would you be able to treat Sullyoon like that?

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon is famous for her visuals and perfect voice. While she’s often hailed as the new vocal goddess of the 4th generation…

…it seems like the only person immune to her charms is her younger brother. She once revealed a screenshot of her message log with him. Hilariously, he ignored her messages for 11 days straight before finally replying with a single question mark.

Sullyoon’s messages with her brother. | Nate Pann
  • Sullyoon: Did you watch my [Idol Athletics Competition] dance sports?
  • Sullyoon: A message and present has been sent. Check it out now!
  • Sullyoon: What are you doing?
  • Brother: ?
  • Sullyoon: Haha…

She even faked a “notification” from the gift sending function on KakaoTalk, just to get him to check his messages from her. Despite her efforts, he only replied her on October 1, 2022, even though she sent that on September 24.

Netizens were highly entertained by the siblings’ realistic energy.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • Did you watch my dance sports? This is so cute.
  • Did she try to get his attention with a fake out present because he didn’t read her texts? LOL.
  • Whenever I see siblings texts for celebrities, I always am fascinated by how they are probably the only person who can do that to them. This is so typical of siblings.
  • He probably doesn’t feel a thing because he’s just as handsome.
  • Both her younger sister and brother must be pretty and handsome.

Sullyoon is known to also have a younger sister. She has once admitted that people think her sister is prettier than her!



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