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NMIXX’s Lily Names The 4th Generation Idol She Hopes To Befriend

“Both… are Swifties too.”

NMIXX‘s Lily is continually gaining attention not only for her talent but for being one of the “realest” K-Pop idols. Whether she’s talking about cheating in relationships or “super red flags,” fans love hearing Lily’s unfiltered, genuine thoughts.

NMIXX’s Lily

One of her less surprising unfiltered thoughts was when a fan asked Lily who her LE SSERAFIM bias was during a live stream.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

Lily first responded that she “[likes] all of them so much.” Especially since they’re all “so cool.

| @elsserafim/Twitter 

But while she hesitated before picking a single bias…

| @elsserafim/Twitter 

Lily eventually settled on “Maybe Yunjin.”


Because not only is she “really cool…”

| @elsserafim/Twitter 

But since NMIXX’s Kyujin is “besties” with LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, Lily hopes to become close friends with Yunjin.

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae and NMIXX’s Kyujin | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Fans love the idea of the two very “real” idols becoming friends and hope to eventually see the two interact more since they have a lot in common.

You can watch the full clip here.

You can read more here.

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