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One Of The Greatest BTS Mysteries Still Hasn’t Been Solved 10 Years Later

Will we ever know the full story?

From “What’s tasty in Busan?” to the mystifying “Track 12,” fans have plenty of BTS mysteries to solve. Though ARMY-detectives have uncovered the truth behind many of these, one cold case has yet to be cracked a decade later.

In 2013, BTS appeared in their first-ever variety show, BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan (more commonly known as Rookie King). Much like Run BTS!, each Rookie King episode presented BTS with fun challenges, games, and missions to entertain fans.

In Episode 1, each BTS member flaunted his charms while riding an elevator, not realizing he was part of a hidden camera prank.

BTS walking to the elevator.

To BTS’s complete shock (and, often, embarrassment), a beautiful woman interrupted their one-man shows by entering the elevator without warning.

The point of the prank was to see how each member would react to this mysterious, weeping actress who, eventually…

…got up close and personal with BTS as more actors piled into the elevator.

At the time, mistook the leading lady for a ghost, and she might as well be. Ten years later, her identity is still a well-kept secret from most (if not all) ARMYs.

Was she a model? A staff member? A trainee? We might never know, but one thing is certain. She has become a legendary part of BTS’s history!

Unidentified actress.

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…or watch Episode 1 of Rookie King here:

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