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Popular Actress Personally Fact-Checks A Netizen’s False Information About Her 

She didn’t let it slide.

A famous actress is seeing a new surge in her popularity, thanks to her role in The Queen of News. 

The Queen of News, a Hong Kong television series, follows the office politics of rival news anchors. Veteran actress Charmaine Sheh, best known for her roles in Return of the Cuckoo (2000), War and Beauty (2004), and Maidens’ Vow (2006), is gaining attention for her lead role in The Queen of News, but also her gorgeous, ice queen visuals.

Charmaine Sheh is years older than her co-star Samantha Ko, but that age gap isn’t immediately apparent on-screen. Some viewers think these news queens could pass for being the same age.

Charmaine Sheh | TVB
Samantha Ko

In fact, one netizen recently created a meme that compares photos of the actresses’ visuals and ages. The meme incorrectly states that Samantha Ko is 36 years old and Charmaine Sheh is 45.

Some actresses might have been happy to let the mistake slide, but not Charmaine Sheh. In the comments, she wrote, “I’m already 48,” which makes her 12 years older than Samantha Ko, not nine. The netizen behind the meme was not expecting a comment from The Queen of News herself!

Charmaine Sheh: I’m already 48

Yuri: You’re the real Charmaine Sheh? I’m in shock.


Charmaine Sheh’s fact-checking has been well-received by netizens who are praising her for embracing her true age. If anything, she’s getting more beautiful with time!



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