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“Single’s Inferno 3” Host Kim Jin Young (Dex) Had An Extreme Glow-Up After High School

He’s unrecognizable in his high school photos.

Single’s Inferno 2 star Kim Jin Young (Dex) returned as a host in Single’s Inferno 3, where viewers got to see a whole new side of him. As it turns out, Kim Jin Young is a bit of a chameleon; he has tried various jobs and undergone transformations over the years.

Kim Jin Young hosting “Single’s Inferno 3” | Netflix

Halfway through Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno 2, viewers fell head over heels with him as a mysterious new addition to the cast.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

This handsome soldier had fans (and some cast members) swooning over his athletic physique and chic attitude, but Kim Jin Young was a much different person back in high school.

Kim Jin Young and cast member Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

In an interview with his friend and fellow UDT soldier Agent H, who competed on Netflix’s Physical: 100, Kim Jin Young talked about Single’s Inferno 2, his past, and future plans.

Kim Jin Young and Agent H

Nowadays, Kim Jin Young comes across as a charismatic leading man, but as he told Agent H, he was often shy and awkward around women. In fact, he didn’t date at all during high school.

During this storytime, old photos of Kim Jin Young appeared on screen. This soldier-turned-influencer is ripped now, but in high school, he was much more slender.

| @dex_xeb/Instagram

The Single’s Inferno 2 star described himself as being, “really thin and scrawny,” as a teen.

Who would have thought that this self-described “class clown” would one day look like…


…this? He’s worked hard for his physique, and it shows!

| @dex_xeb/Instagram 

Watch the full interview here:



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