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Stray Kids’ Changbin Called Out Lee Know For Having A “Dirty Mind”

In the 4th Episode of the Kids Show, Stray Kids‘ Lee Know interviewed fellow members Changbin and Felix about a variety of topics ranging from their massage skills to their family lives.

At one point, the topic shifted to the pillow that Felix hugs every night when sleeping. It turned out to be a bolster type that had Changbin’s face on it!

Felix explained that it was a gift that he received two years ago and treasures until now.

 I got that as a gift during KINGDOM. It’s been about two years I’m the type to use gifts for a long time.

— Felix

He doesn’t mind that he touches what is essentially Changbin’s face every time he falls asleep. The member in question, though amused, wondered if he should care about it more.

Felix: I don’t care that there’s a face on it.

Changbin: Maybe you should care.

Lee Know couldn’t help but insinuate that something more sleezy was going on, asking prying questions about the location of the Changbin body pillow.

Then, is that body pillow on your bed right now? On [Felix’s] bed? How does that feel?

— Lee Know

Changbin interjected and called out Lee Know on his one track mind. He accused him of having “dirty thoughts” by asking detailed questions about the pillow.

I don’t look for meaning in these things I’m not like you, I don’t think dirty thoughts about how my face is on his bed.

— Changbin

The MC threw his words back at him, claiming to be innocent.

I’ve never had dirty thoughts. I just wanted to ask how it feels for someone to be hugging your face in bed every night You’re the one being dirty.

— Lee Know

Changbin concluded with a half-defeated smile, “I don’t have those thoughts. Come on.”

Check out the full episode below for more hilarious Stray Kids moments!

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