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Thai Public Transportation Driver Goes Viral For Looking Like A Famous Actor

The resemblance is uncanny.

A tuk tuk (automated rickshaw) driver is going viral for his handsome looks.

A Thai tuk tuk | Go Travel Thailand

Earlier this month, a Malaysian netizen posted about her trip to neighboring country Thailand. She was captivated by the visuals of her driver, posting his photo on social media.

| 8Days

She noticed that he resembled a famous actor and singer from Hong Kong, Ruco Chan.

Ruco Chan is now a driver in Thailand!


rucochanxo_271349058_1496358964092774_5424081472488212301_n (1)
Ruco Chan

Born in 1977, the 47-year old has a long filmography that includes famous shows such as Captain of Destiny (2015), A First Within Four Walls (2016), The Unholy Alliance (2017) and more.

The unnamed tuk tuk driver had a similar facial structure, especially with his thick eyebrows and strong jawline.

Netizens couldn’t help but post amused comments, joking that Ruco Chan was actually undercover in Thailand. In reality, he is currently preoccupied starring in the second season of TVB drama Sinister Beings.

  • “Perhaps Ah Sir is going undercover in Thailand and his cover just got blown!”
  • “Isn’t this just a still from the show?”
FI (15)
Thai Driver (Left) and Ruco Chan (Right) | @rucochanxo/Instagram

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