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That Time When Song Kang Blatantly Ignored The Director’s Instructions For A Kiss Scene

JTBC‘s Nevertheless may have concluded years ago, but the hype and excitement that surrounded this series has continued to remain high. In light of that, an old behind-the-scenes making video of the K-Drama belatedly went viral for something that Song Kang said to Han So Hee off camera.

Han So Hee (left) and Song Kang (right) | JTBC

The scene in question featured Song Kang drying Han So Hee’s wet hair with a towel. The two’s remarkable chemistry was noted by netizens upon first glance, as the actor showed off his gentleness for this scene.

It was during the cut of the next scene that has started to receive viral attention. Song Kang can be heard asking a production team member, “do we kiss now?” To which the team member responded, “yup, just on the cheek.” Around the 4:57 mark, however, Song Kang can be heard faintly saying to Han So Hee “should I kiss you on the lips?” after the director ended the filming due to an error.

Song Kang: “So Hee-ya
Han So Hee: “Yes?”
Song Kang: “Should I kiss you on the lips?”
Han So Hee: “Yup.”

Naturally, this created an unstoppable wave of chaos, as netizens began to shriek in excitement over what they had witnessed.

| @이지혜/YouTube

So Hee-ya, should I kiss you on the lips? This has to mean they’re dating so why are there no dating news? ㅋㅋ

— @이지혜/YouTube

| @LovelyMaeMonares/YouTube
| @행복하기/YouTube

South Korea is going to pretend like they don’t know.

— @행복하기/YouTube

| @Dddw/YouTube

I’m not suspecting anything regarding the relationship between these two, I just know.

— @Dddw/YouTube

Still from “Nevertheless”‘s behind-the-scenes video.

We knew their chemistry was amazing on-screen, but it seems like their chemistry was more amazing off-screen — and our hearts cannot take it! You can check out the video of Song Kang and Han So Hee down below.



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