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The 10 Best Idol Introduction And One-Liners Ever, According To Fans

Nothing gets K-Pop fans more hype than when their favorite groups introduce themselves at shows or incorporate their names into their songs!

Here are 10 groups with some of the best intros and catchphrases, according to K-Pop fans on Reddit!


Just try not to get excited when the members say, “BLACKPINK in your area!” Ever since Jennie first said the catchphrase in the group’s debut song, “BOOMBAYAH,” “BLACKPINK in your area” has been one of the most iconic catchphrases in K-Pop! All the members have taken turns saying the line, and it’s hard to pick a favorite song it’s included in.

2. SHINee

Both SHINee’s introduction and tagline are iconic! They introduce themselves as “bitnaneun Shinee, ” meaning “shining SHINee.” 

Minho opened their 2012 track “Sherlock” with “SHINee’s back,” and fans quickly fell in love with the catchphrase! They’ve used it in other songs since then, like “Dream Girl” and “Alive.”


TWICE starts their greeting off with “one in a million,” and ONCEs never get tired of it!

The group also includes their name in some of their songs like “Like OOH-AHH,” “Fancy,” and “Kura Kura.”


ATEEZ introduces themselves by reminding everyone just how solid their teamwork is! Their introduction “8 makes 1 team” shows just how much the members value each other and ATINYs can’t get enough of it.


SEVENTEEN introduces themselves with the phrase “say the name, SEVENTEEN,” and it’s iconic!

They also incorporate their name into their songs in several ways, like “SEVENTEEN right here” in “Clap” and “Home;Run” and “SEVENTEEN-teen-teen” in “BOOMBOOM.”

6. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation introduces themselves by saying “right now it’s Girls’ Generation,” and we love love love it! Sometimes they do the full intro that goes “right now it’s Girls’ Generation, in the future it’s Girls’ Generation, forever it’s Girls’ Generation,” too.

They also incorporate their name into songs, and they use the group’s initials GG, too. We’ll never be over Sooyoung‘s iconic “ayo GG” from “I Got a Boy!”

7. BTS

BTS’s greeting is iconic because of their hand sign! When they introduce themselves, they hold their hands like guns, which totally fits their name, which translates to Bulletproof Boyscouts. They also say bangtan (bulletproof) as they bow at the start of their introduction. Overtime, their gun hand sign has transformed into more of a 7 than a gun, but it still fits the 7-member group perfectly!


“EVERGLOW forever, let’s go” from “LA DI DA” is simply fantastic! This catchy line never gets old and it was the perfect way to incorporate the group’s name into the hit song.

9. GOT7

“Come and get it, GOT7” is so catchy! This 7-member group holds up their hands in the shape of a 7 as they bow, and it shows just how much they value all 7 of the members.

10. NCT

NCT’s introduction definitely fits their limitless global expansion concept! NCT’s concept means they can shift into a limitless amount of subunits based in cities all around the world. Their “to the world, this is NCT” introduction is a very cool and concise way of letting the members greet fans while incorporating their concept.



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