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The 2 Plastic Surgery Procedures Koreans Are Getting Most Because Of The Pandemic

A doctor revealed which surgeries have gained popularity recently.

Because the pandemic has changed everyday life, it has also influenced changes in plastic surgery. There are now two procedures on the rise in South Korea because of how common wearing masks has become.

ID Hospital | NBC LX

Since South Korea is a significant hub for plastic surgery, news outlet NBC LX spoke with CEO Dr. Park Sang Hoon of the country’s most popular plastic surgery clinic. ID Hospital was crowned as the hospital that did the most plastic surgeries from 2017 to 2021.

Dr. Park Sang Hoon revealed that wearing masks daily has caused a rise in certain plastic surgeries for the features that remain visible. He said, “When we cover our lower face with a mask, then we can only see eyes.

With eyes becoming more of a focus on someone’s face, it’s made many people self-conscious. Dr. Park Sang Hoon explained, “People are more concerned about [their] eyes’ shapes. So there are more and more eye surgeries.” The next surgery that’s gained popularity is much more hidden.

Although noses are no longer as visible, Dr. Park Sang Hoon revealed, “And then to the contrary, there are somehow more nose surgeries in Korea actually.

Ironically, the fact that they’re now covered by a mask was the perfect reason for many to finally make the transition. Dr. Park Sang Hoon explained, “Because they can hide/cover up a nasal cast and surgery itself.

Listen to Dr. Park Sang Hoon break down the surgeries that are on “a surge in Korea.



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